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The owner of My Living web-shop (hereinafter referred to as the Web-Shop) is OÜ Oakler Sales (registry code 140305), located at Keila, Paldiski maantee 5-23, 76607.

Validity of Sales Contract; Information on Goods and Prices

The sales conditions apply to the purchase of Goods from the Web-Shop.

All the prices in the Web-Shop include VAT 20%.

The prices of Goods sold in the Web-Shop are stated right next to the Goods. A delivery fee shall be added to the price of Goods.

The delivery fee depends on the location of the Buyer and the method of delivery. The delivery fee is stated at completing an order by a Buyer.

Information on the Goods is outlined next to the Goods in the Web-Shop.


Goods shall be added to the basket to complete an order. Necessary fields need to be filled in and a suitable method of delivery needs to be chosen to finalize the order. Thereafter, the sum seen on the screen can be paid by a bank link or some other payment solution.

The Contract enters into force as of the receipt of the sum to the bank account of the Web-Shop.

Provided that it is impossible to deliver the Goods due to its shortage or on any other reason, the Buyer shall be notified at first possibility and the money payed shall be refunded immediately (incl. delivery fees), but no later than in 14 days as of sending the notification.


The Goods can be delivered to the following countries: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Lithuania. The Goods can be delivered to the other states of the European Union upon agreement.

The Buyer pays the delivery fee. Information on the delivery fee is provided by the description of a delivery method.

Domestic Estonian deliveries generally reach the Buyer in 3-7 working days as of the enforcement of the Sales Contract. In other countries, the Goods shall be delivered within 14 calendar days.

The Goods that are not in the store of the Web-Shop and are sold upon pre-order need some extra time to be delivered to the Web-Shop store. This is highlighted at the end of a product description, and, generally, understanding it needs to be confirmed before adding the product to your basket.

The Goods can be delivered in up to 45 calendar days on unprecedented terms and conditions.

Right of Withdrawal

As of receiving the order, the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with the Web-Shop during 14 days (depending on the Goods, the Buyer might not have the right of withdrawal); respective Goods and services shall be listed on such an account which must conform to the conditions stated in Section 4 of § 53 of the Law of Obligations Act.

The right of withdrawal cannot be applied if the Buyer is a legal person.

To use the 14-day right of withdrawal, the Goods ordered shall not be used in any other way than necessary to validate their essence, properties, and functioning just as if it is permitted to test the Goods in an actual store.

If the Goods have been used on other purposes than their intended use and if it is necessary to ensure their essence, properties or functionality or they show signs of use or wear, the Web-Shop claims the right to reduce the refundable fee according to the diminished value of the Goods.

An application of withdrawal shall be presented to return the Goods. Its form can be found at: Application of Withdrawal. This shall be sent to info@myliving.ee no later than in 14 days from the delivery of the Goods.

The Buyer shall pay the return fees, except in case the reason for return is the Goods being returned do not match what was ordered (i.e. a wrong or defective Goods).

The Buyer shall return the Goods in 14 days as of filing an application in or provide proof that they have handed the Goods over to a courier during the aforementioned period of time.

Upon receiving the returned Goods, the Web-Shop shall refund all the sums emanating from the Contract payed by the Buyer immediately, but no later than in 14 days as of receiving the application of withdrawal.

The Web-Shop reserves the right to refuse from refund until the item that is the object of the Contract is returned or the Buyer has provided proof of returning the item, depending on which of these take place earlier.

Provided that the Buyer has clearly chosen a method of delivery that distinctly differs from the cheapest method offered by Web-Shop, the latter shall not refund the expenses which exceed the usual delivery fee to the Buyer.

The Web-Shop reserves the right to withdraw from the sale and to request the Buyer to return the Goods, if their price is indicated significantly lower that the market price due to a mistake in the Web-Shop.

Right to Make a Claim

The Web-Shop is liable for Goods sold to the Buyer that are not in conformity with the contract or defective, already present at the delivery of the Goods and become evident in up to two years since he Buyer has received the Goods. It is presumed the fault was present already at the delivery of the Goods during the first six months since handing the Goods over. To contest a respective assumption is the obligation of the Web-Shop.

In the evidence of a defect, the Buyer reserves the right to contact the Web-Shop no later than in two months, sending an e-mail to info@myliving.ee or calling +37258404621.

The Web-Shop is not held liable for defects arisen after the delivery of the Goods to the Buyer.

If the Goods bought from the Web-Shop have any defects for which the Web-Shop is liable for, the Goods shall be fixed or replaced by the Web-Shop. Provided that it is impossible to fix or to replace the Goods, the Web-Shop shall refund all the fees emanating from the Sales Contract to the Buyer.

The Web-Shop shall reply a claim filed by a consumer in writing or in a form which can be re-presented in writing during 15 days.

Direct Marketing and Processing of Personal Data

The Web-Shop uses the personal data provided by the Buyer (incl. name, telephone number, address, e-mail address, and bank requisites) solely to process the order and to deliver the Goods to the Buyer. The Web-Shop provides the personal data to delivery companies solely to deliver the Goods.

The Web-Shop sends newsletters and offers to the e-mail address of the Buyer solely if the latter has requested it by entering their e-mail address on the website, informing they would like to receive direct mailing.

At any given time, the Buyer reserves the right to unsubscribe from offers and newsletters sent to their e-mail address, informing the Web-Shop via e-mail or following the instructions outlined in the newsletter.

Settlement of Disputes

If the Buyer has any pretensions to the Websop, these shall be sent by e-mail to info@myliving.ee or they can call at +37258404621

Provided that the Buyer and the Web-Shop are not able to settle a dispute upon agreement, the Buyer can appeal to the Consumer Dispute Committee. Procedural conditions can be read and applications can be supplied here. The settlement of disputes emanating from the contract concluded between the Buyer and the Web-Shop is in the capacity of the Consumer Dispute Committee. For the Buyer, it is of no cost to review their complaint at the Committee.

Additionally, the Buyer can appeal to the platform that solves consumer complaints in the European Union here.